Anti Corruption Campaign

Corruption affects everyone, but women in rural areas in Kenya often suffer the most.   All too often, women experience extortion and corruption at the hands of low-level public officials when it comes to the provision of public services. In many societies women do not enjoy the same rights and privileges as men, reducing their ability to counter the extortion that they often confront on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, too few grassroots anti-corruption interventions substantively take gender into account throughout their planning, implementation and evaluation. GSI recognizes these shortcomings and works to incorporate greater gender sensitivity into the projects it supports. We’re also learning from past experiences to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on gender and corruption.

While women suffer from corruption, they are certainly not helpless victims.

Understanding the impact of corruption through a gendered lens leads to more targeted and effective anti-corruption strategies. Furthermore, supporting women in the fight against corruption harnesses their critically important perspectives, knowledge and leadership. GSI hopes our efforts are just the beginning and urges women around the world to raise their own voices in the global fight against corruption.

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