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Welcome to Gender Sensitive Initiatives

Gender Sensitive Initiatives (GSI) is a National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in the year 1993 and registered under the NGOs Coordination Board.

GSI’s has over two decades’ track record of building and strengthening community systems and community groups to tackle social and economic development challenges facing vulnerable populations in Kenya.

Our community-driven approach builds the capacity of local community structures to identify, innovate, address and respond to challenges faced by target communities in a proactive and sustainable manner.

Education Program

We strive to improve access to educational opportunities for girls and young women.

Sexual/Reproductive Health

We support young girls from poor backgrounds with dignity packs and education on menstrual health

Nutrition Program

Nutrition is a key determinant of health of a population, and of growth and development in children.

Happy Working Teams

We feel very proud because we have a lean staff and 60+ volunteers working in the field around the country.



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Households Reached


Food ration Packs

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Our Stakeholders' Words

We always consider our stakeholders’ words and views to improve our work.

Trusted Partners Worldwide

We are very greatful and feel honoured to our all partners for being with us