About GSI

Gender Sensitive Initiatives (GSI) is a National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in the year 1993 and registered under the NGOs Coordination Board.

GSI’s has over two decades’ track record of building and strengthening community systems and community groups to tackle social and economic development challenges facing vulnerable populations in Kenya.

Our community-driven approach builds the capacity of local community structures to identify, innovate, address and respond to challenges faced by target communities in a proactive and sustainable manner.

GSI believes that every community has history, resources and potential and that community participation brings forth ownership of projects which is key to success. We endeavor to utilize communities’ indigenous knowledge and strategies to design solutions. Our goal is empowered communities that self-determine and control their lives, participating in collective reflection in social, political and economic discussions that identify root causes. GSI is a learning and watering organization, engaging community groups as a facilitator with participatory approaches enabling sharing of information/ knowledge, aimed at  gaining control over the factors of production and strategic decisions that shape their lives., In line with our slogan – Driving Change.